Natural Disaster Recovery Services

Trees blocking the road or fallen on your building or car,  roof damaged and leaking,  windows broken, valuable property unprotected?  No worry rest assured help is on the way.


Catastrophic storms - such as tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, & floods - cause extensive and severe damage.  The scene after a catastrophic event can diminish hope, leave people in a sense of disarray, and cause many to believe they will have to start over from scratch.  Communication and utility services are typically out of service making it almost impossible to contact help in the immediate period following a storm.  There are many people that thrive on this and take advantage of people while they are in distress.  Not us.  As a State Licensed, Insured, and Bonded General Contractor, we have trucks pre-fueled, heavy equipment, satellite communications, and crews ready to be dispatched immediately following a disaster.  We service the entire Southeast United States.  We offer full post disaster project management solutions from debris removal to reconstruction of homes, guardhouses, recreational facilities, fencing and many other elements.  Our pre-disaster service contracts give our customers the piece of mind that no matter what the disaster help is on the way.  Once part of our protected family there is no need to contact us after the disaster we will be there for you within 24 hours after the conditions are safe.

Pre-Disaster Planning - How it Works


Once part of our family our 24 hour call center will make ever effort to contact you prior to the storm to find out your plans for evacuation and to see if you require any assistance with your preparations.  We can make arrangements for shutter installation, hotels, temporary housing, or other plans to help in your evacuation.  We will also obtain any contact information you may have for where you may be after the disaster.  We notify our customers where our base of operations will be after the disaster so that they will be able to find us if required. Our customers with special needs will be assisted in coordinating evacuations and/or pre-arranged care before, during, and after the storm.

We assemble our team and equipment at a predetermined staging area in each region.  We break of into teams, distribute specific assignments, and assign specific local areas to each team.  We have an expert staff of meteorologists as part of our team that helps us to accurately predict the types of damage that can be expected in each area.  This assistance allows us to position of our teams and equipment at specifically designated points in order to be as close as possible to our customers both before and after the disaster.  For large projects or communities we stage the anticipated equipment on site prior to the storm whenever possible.  In past events this system has proven extremely effective and provides our customers with quality assistance almost immediately following a storm.

Post Disaster - 24 hour Guaranteed Response

After the disaster has passed our 24 hour call center will immediately begin contacting our customers to find out if they need any medical assistance and to find out what type of damage they may have received.  If they are unreachable or need immediate assistance our team leaders will be dispatched to them as soon as conditions are safe.  Once at your property we will immediately assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate teams depending on the type of damage you have sustained.  This assures that our customers receive the most qualified crew for the type of work that needs to be done.  Our primary teams are automatically dispatched to our customers' properties in the hardest hit areas with crews and equipment and will try to clear the way the best they can if roads are blocked or if your property is not accessible.  We have a fleet of small four wheelers (All-Terrain Vehicles) that allow us to access areas that are inaccessible by truck or car.  We can also provide critical supplies in the event of a catastrophic event such as water, gasoline, and food.    Email for more information about our service contract 24 hour guaranteed response program or to be added to our standard disaster response database.  As part of our standard customer database we will make every effort possible to contact you after the disaster and dispatch crews to offer assistance.  Without a 24-Hour Guarantee service contract we can not promise to be at your property within 24 hours, will make every attempt possible.


Be assured we will be there when the time comes to rebuild.  Our nationwide network of engineers, architects, contractors allows of to be on scene almost immediately when it is time to rebuild.  Together with the design team, we review preliminary design of structural systems as well as mechanical/electrical systems and network with subcontractors, vendors, and colleagues to insure the most cost effective systems and designs are considered.  We administer the permitting process and establish relationships with Local Authorities to insure all submittals and applications are completed not only correctly, but as complete as possible and at the earliest time to insure efficiency in the review and approval process We have a full time highly experienced design and construction staff committed to quality and customer satisfaction.  Our firm prides itself on our ongoing commitment to constant improvement.  We utilize the total quality management approach to business and apply it to the construction industry.  Implemented in 1997 our  "ZERO DEFECT" policy means we do not accept final payment or leave a project until the customer is 100% satisfied with our work. Our size also allows us to have our own staff and equipment to expedite material deliveries and to ensure we have professional workmen available even in times of crisis. All projects are assigned a full time project manager or superintendent to help guide or customers through the design and construction process.