Estimating and Preconstruction Services


Tim Reynolds heads up our team of four estimators that have over 100 years of experience in civil construction.  Our accuracy in our estimating and the amount of effort we put in for our clients in the prebid process is the reason that over the past decade our repeat customers have comprised more than 85% our work.  In 2016 we made a major investment to ensure we had the best computer hardware and software that is available.  We also purchased GPS field rovers that allow us to verify existing conditions, verify topographical surveys, and as part of our preconstruction services we create a new topographical survey based on a 10' grid that provides us with the data we need to use in conjunction with our 3D modeling software that has resulted in our estimates be within 2% of the actuals.  This allows us to share any savings with our customers and eliminates the potential for change orders and delays. 
Our modeling software creates a virtual 3D model that is interactive.  Click below to see a sample of the system.
 CLICK HERE FOR AN INTERACTVE DRIVE THROUGH 3D video that is created and further ensures accuracy and allows you to see potential conflicts that cannot be seen on 2 dimensional plans.