SFG possesses some of the most state-of-the-art intelligent heavy-duty equipment there is on the market today. With our GPS satellite and LiDar drone capabilities, earthwork calculations and quantities are figured in no time at all and are bullseye accurate. Information can be received and sent at a press of a button right from the field to the estimating department where SFG’s experienced team of precision estimators in all facets of the site scope package calculate and put costs and quantities together, utilizing the most up to date estimating software on the market today. Comprehensive packages for clients, developers and General Contractors are developed and assembled in minutes not hours and days.

Video shows a 3d rendering of a neighbor with topography and a car diving (there is no audio).
Man on dirt site using deviceAerial view of a site and lakeTop Con device and screen inside machineryClose up of Komatsu screen

GPS Lidar Drone

Coming soon.
3d rendering of a site with car

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