South Florida Grading Corp. has the expertise, manpower, and equipment to successfully deliver large and small installations and renovations or upgrades of underground utility projects, including sanitary sewers, manholes, water mains, storm drains, pond piping, conduits, pump stations, and box culverts.

Storm Drainage

This is a bold and gold storm drainage and is the second largest storm drain system in Florida. Florida is known for rain. Without proper drainage around your property and pavement, you will end up in serious trouble. It can affect not only the lifespan of your asphalt, but also the foundation of your home and business, and can damage the land itself. By ensuring water drains effectively and efficiently from your property.
Concrete storm drainage with machinery and people

Water, Sewer & Lift Station

With 20 years of experience of installing and testing water, sewer and lift stations in Florida. South Florida Grading Corp. brings the capabilities of pivotal water and water water projects.

Storm Tech

Storm tech system is designed to be used under parking lots, to maximize land usage and protect water resources. Storm Tech reduces the chances of flooding by temporally storing excess stormwater and slowly releasing the water back int the town stormwater system.

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